Friday, July 30, 2010

Webster's Team - Take 2

This is the email that was sent out to our family on May 5th:

I know that email probably isn't the best way to say this. But I'm awake 
and hopefully I will be able to give you all the information I have clearly 
and concisely - I wouldn't be able to do that in person.
On Monday we went in for a routine sonogram (mostly because of my weight 
gain and they knew insurance would pay for it because of that). They found
an 'abnormality' and sent us back over to our doctor right after that to
discuss. Dr. Nash wasn't able to tell us much but set up an appointment
for us to visit the high-risk OB yesterday.
Yesterday we went in for another sonogram and MRI. What they found was
that baby's brain hasn't developed into the 2 hemispheres, is much bigger
than it should be with fluid on the brain, and has a bone growth on the
top of baby's head (they used medical terms but of course I don't remember
them). The MRI wasn't able to tell us much more than that.

We're trying to get an appointment with a neonatalogist for sometime this
week to hear more about what will happen next. But right now the outcome
is bleak. I don't have exact statistics but survival rates outside of the
womb are slim and the chances for a 'normal life' are slimmer.

They had said something about an amnio but the accuracy of a test like
that now might not be correct and would not change our course of action.
They've decided to wait until delivery to get the chromosome work up.

As of now, we're going to continue as through it was a normal pregnancy
and at about 38-39 weeks - if baby makes it that long - I'll be scheduled
for a c-section (because of baby's head size).

Kyle and I, or the doctors, haven't talked much about logistics and what
will happen after delivery, I don't think we have enough information for
that at this point. But, we have been given some information about hospice
and support groups for people in our similar situation.

Kyle and I are just taking things one hour at a time and have busied
ourselves with putting the house together. Kyle's boss told him that Kyle
won't be coming into work this week so I'm not alone - which is nice.

We feel like God sent us to Switzerland to make us a stronger couple and
to know when to lean on each other, and to prepare us for this. This is
obviously devastating news but we're trying to take it in stride and know
that it will lead to bigger and better in the future.

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