Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back on the Baby Blogging Wagon

Wow, it's been a looooong time since I wrote. A lot has actually happened. Here's a break down:

November 2 - went to the doctor to confirm everything (you know, make sure I wasn't crazy)
November 3 - Dad's uncle died from a stroke
November 4 - Dad's dad had a stroke
November 7 - Went to the funeral for Dad's uncle, NU beats OU at home (GO BIG RED)
November 8 - In the early morning, as my Mom's brother and sister-in-law drove home from the NU victory they were hit and instantly killed by a semi truck.

Then, after this week (and really the next couple of weeks because we had to go to Nebraska to make funeral arrangements and everything) and horrid-ness the holidays hit and my morning sickness hit, and my general apathy for life all set in. I've basically spent the last 2 months in bed for one reason or another. I finally feel like I'm coming back around to some semblance of a real life...

Now some baby talk: I'm taking all the nasty, disgusting pills that the doctor has given me, a prenatal, DHA (for brain and eye growth) and Vitamin D (probably for the calcium absorption). I had to go out and get the expensive DHA pills because the cheesy 'Fish Oil' pills were so big and yucky they made me gag just thinking about them.

I've learned to limit my vomiting to only teeth brushing and showering really. The good and bad of it is that I brush my teeth in the shower - so it's really a double whammy. (Everyday I get in the shower and think to myself 'No Whammy, No Whammy, No Whammy, STOP!') I've even given up on brushing my teeth and night with toothpaste. I just wet down my brush and scrub for a while then gargle (ok, that's a lie - that would probably make me ralph on the ceiling - I 'swish') with alcohol-free mouthwash. I was using Listerine for a while til I read that I was really slowly giving my child fetal alcohol poisoning...

I think I'm still losing weight. I really don't want to ever eat and when I do I only eat about half of what I normally would - I wish I could have this appetite all the time! I am trying to make sure I get some healthy things in there, I just don't get a LOT of them. I've started eating ham, turkey and cheese sandwiches for lunch. I really don't care that it's probably the WORST POSSIBLE THING I COULD EVER EAT...ok, it's probably not the worst but it isn't really recommended because of the bacteria that could be growing on the meat. Honestly, I'm not sure I was born and reached adulthood with all the things you CAN'T DO... I kinda figure I'm not drinking or smoking and wearing my seatbelt I gotta be better then about 50% of expectant mom's out there!

We've heard baby's heartbeat twice now. We had an ultrasound at about 6 weeks and then at my last appointment did the Doppler thing. We should get to do another ultrasound in a couple weeks and we should be able to actually see something this time!

We've also started picking out the big items we need. (We haven't purchased anything yet though, since we have no where to put it and all...) We've found a very nice bedroom set. Apparently, the latest trend is to get the cribs that turn into a toddler bed, then day bed, then full size bed. At first I thought these were totally not worth it, but that's really all you can get now! (And the regular cribs are FUG-LY!) I don't know if we'll every actually use it as a bed - ok, maybe with the last one - but it is what it is.

After much debating we picked out a stroller too. We decided to go with the carrier combo but have been told that it could be a giant waste of money to buy the matching stroller before you figure out how much you actually plan on using it and what your needs are. So, we're going to get the carrier, 2 car bases, and the snap on stroller frame for now then buy an upgraded stroller when we need to (or baby grows out of the carrier).

Originally, it was between 2 brands but when we figured out that one brand's stroller base was super cheesy (basically you set the carrier on top of it then tied a string around the carrier to keep in in place) it was a easy decision to go with the other one.

Here's what we think of final decision is: not too girly, not too boy-y, not white (!), simple, modern....

One thing we can't agree on is names. MAYBE part of the problem is that I already have the names picked out and I just have to wait for Kyle to decide that I'm right (don't worry, I've tested this theory many times and time and time again it's proven correct). I think we'll get there eventually and that I'm slowly breaking him down :) Luckily, we have some time to do that - it doesn't have to be purchased, delivered, and assembled prior to baby getting here.

We have decided that we don't want to know if it's a boy or a girl before it shows it's pretty face in the world. Kyle realized that it's not going to be a boy or a girl really for at least the first year or more - it will just be a baby. In fact I think his exact words were 'it will just be a crying, eating, sh*ting machine'. So he'll have plenty of time to 'prepare' for raising it after it's born. Plus, my aunt Nan was able to appeal to his economical side. She said if you know what sex you're having then everyone will want to buy you frilly pink dresses or dump trucks. If you don't know what you're having you'll get usefully stuff like bottles and binkies and blankets. I never thought of it that way but it does make perfect sense!

We'll it's about that time. Time to go shower and brush my teeth, YEAH!