Monday, April 19, 2010

Expensive Weekend!

We thought we should start looking for the appliances we need to buy for our new house. We had decided on the brands we wanted but just needed to look around and compare price/etc. We've actually been out a couple of times before but needed to get serious about it.

We started with the washer/dryer. We knew we wanted LG or GE. We headed out to Best Buy (because we hadn't looked there yet) and found exactly what we wanted within 20 minutes - at a great price! But, of course, we needed to check around to see if it was the BEST price. So we wrote down some info and headed out to the car to make some calls. Everywhere we called either didn't offer that model or sold it for about $100 more per piece.

The last place we called was Sears. They said they would honor that price and beat it by 10% - AWESOME! So, back into Best Buy we go... We asked if they would match that price. After some calling and manager approval they gave us Sears' price, and free delivery, and Best Buy points (about $20 worth), and the option to come back in a couple weeks to move it to their Best Buy Credit Card for 18 month free financing (I didn't want to open the card just yet seeing that we're trying to buy a house and all). So, we got a $1,600 MSRP washer/dryer for just over $1,000 - not too shabby in my book!

Kyle couldn't really handle any more shopping on Saturday so we took the night off.

Sunday we headed over to the Mart to check out Mattresses, Dining Tables, and Sofas. We found the mattress we wanted was on sale for about $200 less - CHARGE IT! (Although Kyle wasn't fully convinced so we did go over and sit on a sofa while we called other mattress stores to make sure we were getting a good price.) On top of the good price we got 12 month free financing and have 30 days from day of delivery to get a lower price if it goes on sale more. And then we found a very nice eat in kitchen table with a butterfly leaf and 6 chairs clearance priced at 1/2 of MSRP. A couple grand later (and a smore's maker) we walk out of the store.

SOMEHOW, I was able to convince Kyle to walk around Legends a little bit with me and we spend another $150 on clothes for him (and a couple things for me ;) )

By then, we're exhausted and our wallets are empty - so we had to go home.

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