Friday, March 26, 2010

Doctor's Appointment - 26 weeks

Pretty uneventful, but I like that. An uneventful doctors appointment is like an uneventful airplane ride...I'd rather have it uneventful then eventful!

I peed in a cup then they took my weight (up 2 lbs from last visit but still down 5 total). My blood pressure was a little high so they took it again at the end of the appointment and it was just fine. We heard the baby's heartbeat - in the 130s - and got information about birthing classes and pre-registration information for the hospital.

My gag reflex is still off the charts but I only get sick about once a week now - and only in the shower. The shower is like the perfect storm of puking.

  • The humidity in the air makes my extra pregnancy mucus drain down the back of my throat - making me hack like and 80 year old smoker.
  • Apparently hot water makes your blood pressure drop which adds to the symptoms
  • Brushing my teeth has always kinda made me gag (which is why I do it in the shower) but I'm trying a new toothbrush and got some kids watermelon toothpaste. I've also learned that I shouldn't let the toothpaste or brush touch my tongue - that just makes it worse...
I get to go back in 2 weeks for all the yucky tests - the anemia one and the diabetes one...all I know is I have to drink some sugar goo and get poked at with needles. Should be a great time!

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