Monday, November 2, 2009


So I took another test Friday night. I know you're not supposed to take them at night but I figured it couldn't be wrong if it came out positive and the hormones hadn't had all night to take over.

This time I got one of the tests that spells it out for you. It's hard to misread a test that says PREGNANT in flashing lights and sirens.

Of course it came out positive, so Kyle and I went out and picked up a few (hundred - you know how we are) books and some vitamins.

I think we're about 5 and half weeks along but we'll hopefully find out some more information when we go to the doctor tomorrow afternoon - I guess now was as good of time as any to find a new doctor!

I've already noticed some symptoms: sore boobs, I can smell EVERYTHING, and I'm just generally lethargic - although they all seem to come and go whenever they want...

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